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Credibility is the foundation of trust especially in civil litigation. Building a high level of trust with clients, judges, jurors and even opposing counsel is the cornerstone of effective representation. It is a trait that is earned, not just learned. At Stone Law we protect our credibility at all costs and understand that every human interaction is a chance to build trust or destroy it.


Truly effective litigators understand that in the art of persuasion, civility is not only the high road, but can also be a powerful tool. There will always be a role for celebrity pit bulls; however, at Stone Law we know that the most effective litigators fight relentlessly for their clients with respect, intelligence and grace.


During the course of a civil mediation or litigation, a lawyer makes literally thousands of decisions and assessments about risk, timing, pace, advantage, leverage and value. Most of them are made without the benefit of absolute certainty, knowledge or a complete assessment of the facts. To be effective in the midst of such a large gray area requires enormous levels of personal and professional confidence. At Stone Law it is understood that the most effective arbitrators and litigators learn by instinct to translate mountains of structured and unstructured information into clear and decisive actions. Confident arbitrators and litigators radiate positive energy and a sense of command that puts clients at ease and speeds the course of trials and settlements.

Competitive Spirit

Effective civil litigation lawyers consider beating their opponents as secondary to the relentless pursuit of finding the simple, elegant trial solution. It helps trial lawyers take on the difficult cases with fearlessness, focus and seemingly boundless energy. At Stone Law our litigators are at their best when a case seems unwinnable.